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Victoria Dance was founded on the belief that dance and music have a special power to change lives.

Established in 1999, Victoria Dance offers high-quality training in a wide range of dance disciplines. The studio is family orientated and the students are taught in a caring, encouraging and professional environment.

Motivated by her passion for dance, the founder, Victoria, saw first-hand the ways in which dance and music helped to change the direction for students. Beginning with building healthy bodies as a foundation for learning, students are equipped to practice discipline, to work with others, to face challenges with grace, and to take creative approaches to problem-solving; all with the support of like-minded developing artists and instructors.

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How long is a class?

Between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the type of dance and program selected.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes, exam fees (when entered) and the cost of the uniform. These are separate costs from the class fees. Also, if you wish to participate in the annual show, you will be charged rehearsal and costume fees.

Can parents watch the classes?

Unfortunately not, as it is distracting to both students and teachers. We have special open days periodically for parents to see their child’s progress.

What happens if a class is missed?

Aside from improving fitness, balance, coordination and flexibility, our dance programs are designed to help students learn leadership skills, discipline, dedication, determination and teamwork, therefore it is very important for students to attend their classes and be on time. If a class is missed, the teacher will brief the student as to what they need to focus on in order to stay on track.

Why do we have to wear uniform?
Dance is a discipline and uniform regulations must be adhered to. Each Uniform is designed for safety whilst dancing and to allow the teacher to see the correct body placement required for dance.
When does someone enter into an exam?

Exam entries are decided by the Principal and teacher. The student has to have completed the entire syllabus and be able to execute all the steps and exercises to the exam standard. Each student develops at their own pace. We don’t believe in rushing anyone through exams. Students are required to complete a 1 year program on their grade, however some can take longer and there is no shame in this.

Do you have shows?
Yes, we do an annual show in which every student is invited to participate in.
Is there an additional cost for the show?
There will be a costume fee and extra rehearsal fees, plus ticket fees for anyone wishing to watch the show.
How do I get started?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or call us to schedule a time to visit the studio, so we can discuss a suitable program and complete the registration form. Once you have decided on which program you would like to partake in and fees have been settled, you are ready to start.


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