Preparatory & Primary Ballet


Preparatory Ballet

Our Preparatory ballet classes are the next level up following our First Position Class. In these classes the children really begin to enhance their coordination, balance and flexibility with the teaching of basic ballet positions, steps and terminology through simple center floor exercises. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative movement and music exploration. International Dance Teacher Association examination success will enable the child to move to the next level.

Primary Ballet

In our Primary ballet, the dancers will learn correct body alignment, posture and correct classical ballet technique & terminology. We will help the children develop coordination, balance, flexibility and musicality in a traditional ballet class format. Classroom focus will be on appropriate etiquette, respect for others and self-confidence. When the teacher is sure that all the foundations of this level are secure and established they can take their International Dance Teacher Association examination to move to the next level.
Prep and Primary Ballet in Bahrain

Class Options

Term Fees Apply
In studio ballet lessons

Our In-studio classes are conducted in our fully equipped dance studios. You will join other students of the same level as you for your classes.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD 7 Per Class
Virtual ballet classes

By taking a virtual class with us you can dance from the comfort of your own home. Students who take these classes will not be considered for examinations and must understand that the teacher’s attention will have to be focused more on the students in the studio.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD 20 per lesson
Private Ballet Lessons
Private 1:1 In-Studio

By booking a private lesson you will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster than you would in a shared class.

Lesson Duration: 1hr
BD 30 per lesson
Private in home ballet lessons
Private 1:1 At Home

You will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster in the comfort of your own home.

Lesson Duration: 1hr


Can parents watch the class?
Unfortunately not, as it is distracting to both students and teachers. We have special open days periodically for parents to see their child’s progress.
Does my child require a uniform for this class?

Yes, all classes require the official Victoria Dance uniform for that class, and it is available to purchase at our boutique.

Will my child participate in the annual show?
Yes, as long as the student attends all classes throughout the selected annual program.
When will my child take their exam?
Students need to complete the first 1 year program prior to taking the IDTA exam. Student’s will be evaluated periodically to monitor progress and to make a decision as to whether a student is ready. Students must attend all classes to qualify.
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