Baby Ballet


Baby Ballet

Children love to dance, preschool children particularly learn through physical and sensory experiences. Through dance, children develop enhanced physical, emotional and social development. It helps develop strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body. Dance can also increase balance, muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

Dancing helps children become more aware of themselves and expresses their emotions. It begins to give them a better sense of their bodies and builds confidence and self-esteem.

If they can move they can dance. It’s a place where children grow up together and become friends for life.

Many children are becoming socially isolated as they spend more and more time looking at screens and less time playing physically. They are losing their emotional skills to build confidence and communicate outside their own circle of friends.

If you are looking for a way to see your child grow whilst channeling their seemingly unwavering energy, you should consider the benefits of dance.
Our First Position beginning ballet class introduces little ones to the basics of ballet using movement, play and song through imaginative story telling. It also works on core development skills such as spacial awareness. A dynamic and upbeat class lovingly created and developed over 25 years, we share our vast knowledge of children and dance to introduce young children to the magical world of ballet. Once they have mastered the beginning steps they will be entered for their first International Dance Teacher Association examination. This is a group examination in which the teacher goes into the exam with them and conducts a class before and external examiner.

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Class Options

Term Fees Apply
In studio ballet lessons

Our In-studio classes are conducted in our fully equipped dance studios. You will join other students of the same level as you for your classes.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD8 Per Class
Virtual ballet classes

By taking a virtual class with us you can dance from the comfort of your own home. Students who take these classes will not be considered for examinations and must understand that the teacher’s attention will have to be focused more on the students in the studio.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD20 per lesson
Private Ballet Lessons
Private 1:1 In-Studio

By booking a private lesson you will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster than you would in a shared class.

Lesson Duration: 1hr
BD30 per lesson
Private in home ballet lessons
Private 1:1 At Home

You will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster in the comfort of your own home.

Lesson Duration: 1hr


Can parents watch the class?
Unfortunately not, as it is distracting to both students and teachers. We have special open days periodically for parents to see their child’s progress.
Does my child require a uniform for this class?
Yes, all classes require the official Victoria Dance uniform for that class, and it is available to purchase at our boutique.
Will my child participate in the annual show?
Yes, as long as the student attends all classes throughout the selected annual program.
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