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Tech & Flex Classes

Flexibility is key to achieving good dance form and technique. A dedicated stretching class is the best way to increase your muscle flexibility and condition.

A range of low impact stretches and exercises to elongate and shape muscles, whilst helping you to achieve more flexibility, better extension and alignment in the body.

Besides preventing injury, stretching helps dancers find correct alignment, improve flexibility, and strengthen muscles necessary for class and overall performance. Stretching will give you overall improvement in dance class and performances. It enables you to loosen the muscles and gets your whole body better prepared for dance classes and performances. Because your muscles are warmed up, you’re putting less energy into your joints and more into your movements. You will have more energy to dance for longer periods of time.

Tech and Flex

Class Options

Term Fees Apply
In studio ballet lessons

Our In-studio classes are conducted in our fully equipped dance studios. You will join other students of the same level as you for your classes.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD 7 Per Class
Virtual ballet classes

By taking a virtual class with us you can dance from the comfort of your own home. Students who take these classes will not be considered for examinations and must understand that the teacher’s attention will have to be focused more on the students in the studio.

Lesson Duration: 1hr

BD 20 per lesson
Private Ballet Lessons
Private 1:1 In-Studio

By booking a private lesson you will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster than you would in a shared class.

Lesson Duration: 1hr
BD 30 per lesson
Private in home ballet lessons
Private 1:1 At Home

You will have the teachers undivided attention which means that you will progress a lot faster in the comfort of your own home.

Lesson Duration: 1hr


Why should someone take this class?

This class should be taken alongside all other forms of dance to enhance flexibility and fine tune technique.

Are exams available in this subject?

Freestyle exams can be taken at the discretion of the teacher and Principal.

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