Adult Classes

adult ballet classes in bahrain

Adult Classes

A lot of people think dance classes are for kids. One of those hobbies that you give up after high school.

Finding the time to take a dance class as an adult when you have a job or children or both is hard. Maybe you are worried about being the only one in the class who doesn’t know what you’re doing. Or if you’re a beginner, that you’ll be in a class with teens or even children. Some people get intimidated just thinking about putting on dancewear.

Our adult dance classes are filled with supportive people who all share the same love of dance. Our adults and children are kept in different classes. The dress code for students in adult classes is a little more forgiving, we don’t expect you to wear a leotard.

pilates classes in bahrain


Monthly Fees Apply
Pilates improves flexiblilty, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving co-ordination and balance


Monthly Fees Apply

This class is open to all adults who want to dance!  Some adults may have years of ballet experience while others have none.  Adults are always welcome to “pick and choose” what they want to do during class and are not required to wear a leotard or tights.  Class time will be spent performing barre, center, and corner work with combinations adjusted for different levels of ability as needed. Stretching to increase flexibility will be incorporated throughout the class.

contemporary dance classes

Contemporary Dance

Monthly Fees Apply
Learn choreographed routines to fun tunes, featuring a wide variety of dance and choreography styles. Our classes expand on Jazz and Ballet basics, with dances that have character, emotion and personality.
tap dancing bahrain

Tap Dance

Monthly Fees Apply
Here you will learn and practice basic tap steps, short choreographed routines in musical theatre dance styles. A fun class for new beginners and seasoned tap dancers.
Are you looking for something special or specific?

Bespoke Dance Lessons, Dance Parties & Performances

We offer tailor-made solutions such as:

  • Wedding Couples – First Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Wedding Party – Group Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Hen Parties – Solo or Group Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Stag Parties – Solo or Group Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Prom Night  – Solo or Group Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Birthday Parties – Solo or Group Dance (Choreography & Lessons)
  • Birthday Dance Parties at Victoria Dance (Kids Games, Dancing & More) 
  • Flash-Mob Choreography & Management (Dancers, Choreography & Rehearsals)
  • Corporate Team Building Dance Sessions (Get Your Team Laughing, Fit & Happy)
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